Welcome to Identity Land

Space for a million identities
Where a singular identity is not enforced, nor aspired to.
Here, we don't believe in forced consensus.
We don't try to unify mentality.
Or give you a false sense of pride.
A reason for being here.
We prefer extreme differences over mediocracy.
We know people have their own identity.
And will find their own way.
Here you are not expected to be a passive citizen.
You can associate freely and collaborate in building a nation.
As an identity lander, you can be at home anywhere.
We hope you enjoy the space for a million identites.


www.identityland.net is a platform where people from all over the world can donate square metres of private space to form a global post-national nation, download tools for local activism and join the conversation online. www.identityland.net is part of the project Identity Land by Droog Lab with Erik Kessels in partnership with Z33.

Concept and design: Droog Lab (Callum Copley, Luís Giestas, Agata Jaworska, Wendy Smith)

Built by Sensi Media.

Anthem by The Doublethink Project: All national anthems playing as one.

Droog Lab

Droog Lab raises topics and initiates projects in collaboration with designers, clients and partners worldwide with the aim of stimulating innovation and debate in design and society. The initiative is funded by Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, City of Amsterdam and local partners.